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While I’ve been away, I missed a veritable shower of appreciation! Excitingly, I have received not one but two Versatile Blogger nominations, which is really rather wonderful. I was too technically thwarted to respond at the time, but I am eager to do so now…

First of all major thanks go to the two lovely bloggers who nominated me:

Body of a Geek Goddess is the person who nagged, bothered and generally inspired me to start blogging in the first place. She was insistent that I had something interesting to say about food and even eats things I cook for her on occasion. She’s also the talent behind this splendid sci-fi and fantasy oriented blog which is the place to go for your feminist geek needs and/or Supernatural underwear.

Postcard of a Painting is a fab blog for those grammar geeks among us, with forays into theatre, film and television writing to boot. But it mostly mocks badly-written signs, which is a life-affirming process for some of us.

The rules of the award stipulate that I now nominate some of my own favourite blogs and then tell you seven things about myself. I would nominate my nominators but they are both already recipients of the award so I won’t give them more work! Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve been meaning to start a food blog forever. I spend way too much time thinking about what I’m going to cook, where I’m going to source some new ingredient, or what restaurant to go to next. My culinary style can best be described as eclectic, with a strong tendency toward Southeast Asian food. I’ve moved around a fair bit in my life, but several years in New York stamped my approach to food. Living close to a proper Chinatown, with markets full of amazing vegetables and every ethnicity of restaurant under the sun within a short subway ride convinced me that learning about the world’s most delicious cuisines was a basic pleasure of life. The aim of this blog is to share my explorations: in Vietnamese food, Malaysian food, Indian food, Mexican food, Brazilian food, even some Italian food to prove I’m actually a European. (I’ve been told I have an Asian mouth and I really do think fermented tofu seems less icky than blue cheese…)

The lemurs? Usually they’re the human and feline family members who demand food on a daily basis. Sometimes they’re friends who might get a teensy bit bored with my culinary obsessions but are generally happy to be lab rats. Perhaps you, dear reader, will join my delightful lemur audience, skipping across the jungle floor and searching for tasty morsels.

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