While I’ve been away, I missed a veritable shower of appreciation! Excitingly, I have received not one but two Versatile Blogger nominations, which is really rather wonderful. I was too technically thwarted to respond at the time, but I am eager to do so now…

First of all major thanks go to the two lovely bloggers who nominated me:

Body of a Geek Goddess is the person who nagged, bothered and generally inspired me to start blogging in the first place. She was insistent that I had something interesting to say about food and even eats things I cook for her on occasion. She’s also the talent behind this splendid sci-fi and fantasy oriented blog which is the place to go for your feminist geek needs and/or Supernatural underwear.

Postcard of a Painting is a fab blog for those grammar geeks among us, with forays into theatre, film and television writing to boot. But it mostly mocks badly-written signs, which is a life-affirming process for some of us.

The rules of the award stipulate that I now nominate some of my own favourite blogs and then tell you seven things about myself. I would nominate my nominators but they are both already recipients of the award so I won’t give them more work!

So here are my noms:

Scouting New York is written by a location scout for movies in New York, and it’s an absolutely addictive exploration of the hidden-in-plain-sight architectural wonders of the city. He has a fab series on classic film locations where he revisits some of the specific places that Ghostbusters, Rosemary’s Baby and other New York movies were filmed.

Gas*tron*o*my is a food blog I admire tremendously, with a mix of restaurant reviews and recipes, an international scope, and a great section on Vietnamese food. Plus, the Gastronomer likes horchata and okra, which are basically my favourite things in the world. We might be the same person…

Born out of Bourbon is written by a friend (I even got a shout out recently), but it’s also one of the most honest, thoughtful and frickin’ hilarious dating blogs out there. It’s not all about sex: she also writes on being single, New York city life, and the hotness that is Don Draper, but what I love best is the spot-on analysis of modern romance.

Little Red Courgette mixes delicious recipes with brilliant writing. I think it might be the secret of food blogging really – good recipes are important, sure, but what really draws you in and keeps you reading is writing chops and Miss Cay has those in spades. (Wait, that was kind of a horrible mixed metaphor with which to compliment a writer…)

Naomi Duguid is a wonderful food writer I’ve mentioned here before. I’ve been lucky enough to hang out with her in London and Chiang Mai and I love her attitude to food, culture, travel, and life in general. She’s been writing a lot about Burma recently, where you can’t think about food without thinking about politics, cultural history, and the process of change. This is the kind of insight that blogging is all about.

Lay the Table is another super food blog, and one I often go to for dessert fantasies. You know I am irrationally terrified of dessert but entries like Rose and Zebra birthday cake (no zebras are harmed in making this cake) and lavender vanilla cupcakes have me sorely tempted to try…

And finally, seven things about myself…

1. Eric Stoltz once told me he saw a rat nearly run up my leg.

2. I can’t swim, and nobody can make me!

3. I have an eye for typos and can generally spot them without actually reading a page of text.

4. I cried inconsolably at the end of Blake’s 7 (a trashy UK sci fi tv show, for my overseas readers…)

5. I once chopped hair so long I could sit on it down to a Mia Farrow pixie cut just to see people’s shocked reactions.

6. I am a cat person. Most of my blogging is ‘supervised’ by my cat.

7. But I really do love lemurs.