I have much food to blog about. So much food. But before I get into the vast meals, let's stop to consider just one dish. Not even a dish really, a simple sweet made of rice flour, coconut, pandan and palm sugar. But as simple as they are, putu piring are one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten. They come in packs of five and Kenny tells me he has been known to buy four packs all for himself. He's not an especially greedy person, but these things are like crack. We went to the pasar malam or night market at Geylang Serai that was packed with Ramadan crowds, and then headed to the Haig Road hawker centre. Among the savoury food Kenny picked us up some packs of putu piring from this bright little stall. Somehow we knew this was not something to hold out till dessert. No, in between mouthfuls of soup, we moved in on the fluffy little morsels. With a pandan scent from fresh leaves, and oozing with gula melaka, these steamed rice and coconut cakes are transcendentally good.


The stall is staffed with women in white uniforms, which is a neat branding and adds to the serene quality of their little assembly line. This woman is adding the palm sugar.
Each person does a different task and they're working constantly, as there's never not a queue.
This guy is in charge. He was so pleased to see us take pictures that he invited us behind the counter to get a good close up of the process. Note the cute little steamers with individual hats.
Fresh pandan leaves are snipped into each pack.
He carefully adds a scoop of grated coconut to each serving.
Here they are in their full glory.
He's clearly proud of his business and rightfully so. We ate our way through several packs of putu piring over the course of our evening at the market and I could happily eat some more now. I am going to go ahead and predict that not being close to a putu piring source will be a sadness to me when I leave Singapore.

Putu piring stall, Haig Road hawker centre, Singapore