Photo by Rlohaus, used under CC attribution share-alike 2.5 licence

I’m off on my travels again tomorrow, this time to Chile. Happily this trip is a Lemur family vacation rather than business, so I should have plenty of time for eating and exploring. We’re spending few days in the south of the country, visiting the Osorno Volcano (pictured above), lake Llanquihue and the island of Chiloé before returning for a week in the Santiago area. We’ll hopefully get to Valparaíso and Viña del Mar and check out some vineyards as well as exploring the city itself.

I’m not entirely sure what the wifi situation is going to be as we travel, but I’ll do my best to update frequently on the places we go and the food we eat. I’m expecting something of a seafood orgy, with machas, congrio and seabass, plus the joys of humitas, empanadas, and ají. Anthony Bourdain had a pretty good time in Santiago, Valparaíso and Puerto Varas, and we’re planning on doing the same.

Assuming I don’t die a fiery death on the plane (I know, I’m a surprisingly poor traveller), I’ll be reporting from South America soon…