Another day, another barrel of pork fat. We started the day with a drive through some historic New Orleans neighbourhoods, starting from the French Quarter, then passing by the beautiful old houses of Esplanade Avenue, taking a turn around the funky Faubourg Marigny, and then to Mid City for an early lunch. My friend and native New Orleanian JD recommended Liuzza’s, a bar-cafe by the race track that doesn’t look anything special but is packed out by noon with hungry locals.

The waitress apologised for the increased price of shrimp, a reminder if we needed one of the situation in the gulf. But raised prices aside, the shrimp were still front and centre in the menu, with the house special a New Orleans style barbeque shrimp po’boy. But hey, why limit yourself to an enormous sandwich? So we started with a modest appetizer of fried eggplant…

Ha! You knew I was kidding, right? This was insanely decadent: eggplant and cheese, breaded, deep fried, and sprinkled with more cheese. It was soooo good. We followed it up with the house special po’boy, which is not the usual fried shrimp or fish, but shrimp cooked in a peppery sauce which soaks into the soft French bread. You eat it with a knife and fork, as the bread is completely saturated with the sauce. I ate about two thirds of it, which I thought was quite good going.